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Hi, I'm Anna, founder and maker of Anberc Candles. I am a mom to a very young daughter and to an adult stepson, and a wife to a very supportive husband. I started making my own natural soy candles as a hobby to escape from the stress of work and life's worries. It was during the time when my little daughter started going to school and I was juggling 3 jobs simultaneously. I was so exhausted and so stressed with all the responsibilities. Burning a candle and watching the soft flickering of flame, plus the powerful, evoking scent it emits, gives me some comfort and puts me in a relax mood. But making my own candles gives me healing and became my passion.
Inspired by my dear friend who battled cancer for 10 years, and who taught me to find my passion, I created Anberc Candles.

Another inspiration on creating Anberc Candles is to make a better alternative to the cheap yet so toxic, (full of carcinogens or cancer causing agents), traditional paraffin wax candles that we can find mostly available in stores. I am deeply concern on the impact of these toxic candles to our family's health and environment.

Anberc Candles are made from 100% pure vegetable soy wax and is vegan friendly and eco-friendly. It is scented with fragrances that are phthalates free and paraben free, with therapeutic essential oils, and natural cotton wick that are zinc free. It has no additives, no dyes, and no glitters, just pure candle goodness. Our packaging are recyclable, our tins and jars are reusable, and our labels are made from recycled kraft paper, giving your candles a natural, earthy, organic, and rustic look.

Anberc Candles... a perfect companion for your self-care moments, a healthy and green choice, and a chic, natural looking home decor accents, made especially for extraordinary and super moms like you.

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