Em and Liz Box

The Em and Liz box was founded in February of 2017 shortly after co-founder Effie had given birth to Emmie and I was pregnant with my daughter, Liz. We had been lifelong friends with close family ties but did not expect to create this business together! The motivation behind launch came from entering the world of being a #girlmom. Effie and myself launched our children's subscription box and took on every single role of the company. We handled everything from website design to product sourcing. It was just the two of us getting on the phone all day with tons of different companies trying to get wholesale accounts while simultaneously attempting to market our brand and get people interested. We were the co-founders, co-funders, the product team, the packing team, the social media team, and marketing managers. There is something so empowering about being a female-founded company, we just would not stop! Our children are at the root of everything we do and raising kids, particularly little girls, to be strong is magic.

The Em and Liz Favorites Box is a gift box for little girls ages 3-10 years old. Our boxes are filled with pure childhood fun! We deliver 5-7 high quality products designed to foster creative and imaginative play and expression! We will send you carefully selected products centered around a different theme whether it be unicorns, mermaids, girl power etc. Products will include accessories, jewelry, beauty items, crafts and much more!

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