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Welcome to The MOMS Marketplace.  Please Shop, Sell, Support, & Share!

We created The MOMS Marketplace to support you, to share your story and to create a community of entrepreneurs, where your business will get exposure and promotion from The MOMS.  

When you shop on The MOMS Marketplace, you are supporting mom and pop small businesses across the country. We hope you will shop and we hope you will share The MOMS Marketplace!

When you shop The MOMS Marketplace, you are supporting moms across the country.

This gives them an opportunity to be better caregivers, moms and women without sacrificing their own financial goals. The MOMS Marketplace aims to give mothers and women an opportunity to be their own boss while supporting other like-minded moms beside them. We urge you to join us in our mission of Shop, Sell, Support and Share by buying products made by moms and sold by moms.

The MOMS Marketplace is an online shopping destination where we come together to shop, sell, support and share products and stories that supports mom entrepreneurs.

We have discovered that the mom entrepreneur and her business, no matter the size, needs a voice, and a distribution platform online that promotes her and tells her story within an engaged community. Welcome To The MOMS Marketplace. Take a look and let us bring your business to life!