Sparkle and Sprinkle Sensory Letters

Hand made in NYC, our Sensory Letters are perfect for those who want to bring some fun to literacy. They are customized to your style- sprinkles/sparkles/glitter/stars/shapes/colors- let us know your style and we will design your dreams! Full alphabet sets are $35 and individual letters are $2. For preschoolers, use in a sensory bin or on a light table to explore letter recognition in an authentic way. For older children, bring to the park or use at home to make sight word and spelling fun. These letters are a handcrafted keepsake that will be fun for the years to come. Each set is handmade and full of wonder.

To learn more about our letter sets, please wist our site at the city babe dot com.

Full letter sets are $35 or $2 per letter or number. Free gift packaging is included. Get a free bonus when ordering directly from our site! Use the contact form below to order your customized set.

Don't like the color? Don't like the glitter? Customization is our specialty! Just let us know what you're looking for, and we're happy to help! Any questions, email us at