Laurel & Bleau Collection

Founded by Lori Gilman, Laurel & Bleau is collection of jewelry & really great things designed to express your own personal journey, one piece at a time.

Laurel & Bleau was named after two hotels owned by Gilman's family in the 50's and 60's, one being the famous Fountain Bleau in Miami. Like Laurel & Bleau’s name, each of our pieces tells a meaningful story. Your Story. "Everyone has a journey or story they tell through their personal style, what you wear, how you style your home, maybe even names of your children and of course your jewelry help to tell your story. We feel “ the jewelry you wear is the world’s first look into your personality ” so why not make it as special as you are...
L&B has graced the pages of countless magazines including the cover of SHAPE and chosen as one of Gayle King’s favorites in OPRAH Magazine after she saw Sara Blakely in one of her L&B custom pieces, along with Blakely, , Kate Winslet, Lebron James, Kenny Smith and Melissa Joan Hart are some of the other high profile clients our team works with.

Allowing clients to collaborate on the design process is what truly sets Laurel & Bleau apart from other jewelry companies. When purchasing a piece from any of the collections, you become the designer. Choosing everything from chain length, to color and engravings gives our clients an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience. "Designing a piece that you are able to layer with what you own and love already is what Laurel & Bleau is all about.” Our metal jewelry is handmade right here in the USA using Sterling Silver and 10K Gold. We do not gold plate or vermeil our gold pieces.

Lori Gilman, a native New Yorker, began her career in the fashion industry, owning one of the first showrooms to represent Streetwear she introduced emerging urban designers to mainstream department stores, including the re-launch of the popular 1980's brand Jordache jeans.

In 1995 Lori put her creative efforts into her marriage, having two beautiful children Noah and Lucky with her husband Rob. After the birth of her two children she continued to work on various projects, including freelance merchandising, designing and personal shopping.

"my family inspires me everyday, to be the best I can be” we hope we can inspire our clients to create a piece to wear for a lifetime!

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