Signature Charm

The original Signature Charm! This amazing Charm was originally created as a Mother’s Day gift for Sara Blakely (SPANX) and was featured in OPRAH Magazine as one of Gayle King’s Favorite Things in 20212. We take any signature or piece of art and create a Sterling Silver charm that is sure to be as special as the person who is writing it. Melissa Joan Hart, Denise Albert, Lebron James and Chris Paul are among our clients that love theirs!


Just take a sharpee marker and write whatever your hearts desire on a white piece of paper or just take a photo of something you might have already ( a signature of someone who is no longer with us or a piece of art. Take a photo of it with your phone and email the photo to us at with your name and address. Its that simple! We have taken signatures off checks, drawings or any other items that you can take photos as well...anything is possible. Pleas email or call us with any questions we are here to help!!