Quantum Shift What If Cards

Give a deck of 29 cards that improve wellness and increase overall joy in daily life!

Did you know that you can't be in fight/flight and curiosity at the same time? Choose curiosity and shift into more peace and success!

“Quantum Shift What If” Cards help open your brain to feeling better immediately while also triggering your brain to filter information differently so you start getting new inputs — letting you find new solutions you could not see-hear-believe before.

By asking new questions, the cards help the brain’s neuroplasticity capacity to move from a fixed to a growth mindset, engaging your “wonder brain” to shift into positive curiosity.


I’ve simplified the process for you!

You just pull a card and contemplate it throughout the day, or…

1…journal about it and free-write your way to a new solution.

2…use it in meditation to create the new neural networks that will support a new solution.

3…pull a card with your significant other, your child, or your friend and dream together!

The possibilities are endless.

What If Quantum Shift What If cards are the key to a new mindset, new solutions, more connection… and more joy for you?!